Saving Our Next Generation Organization (S.O.N.G) is a community based non-profit organization that was established by Paul Winestock Jr. in January 2014. His focus is an ambitious vision to transform a generation of youth and young adults. Saving Our Next Generation (S.O.N.G) is an upcoming organization that will provide mentoring, counseling, educational and other resources to empower our youth and communities.  He has over 16 years of mentoring, public speaking and empowering our trouble youth. His passion is truly community service. Mr. Winestock grew up in the Woodridge area of Washington DC where he had a passion for sports. He is the loving father of one son Paul Wayne and three beautiful grandkids, Thalia, Tamia and Makhi. He has always had great pleasure in helping family, friends and communities.
Our mission is to provide a "one-stop" powerhouse within the community offering holistic programs, mentoring, counseling, social services, educational programs, and extra curricular activities that give hope to a generation of youth and young adults, 
Mentoring Program
Helping the Homeless, Elderly, Disabled and Returning Citizens

Relationships : We create meaningful and impactful mentor / mentee relationships through quality time.

Care, Compassion, Love: We welcome, value and accept kids as they are.

Stability: We strive to help people find a place to call home where they may achieve their full potential.

A dream team to hand out dream smiles.

About Us

Saving Our Next Generation (S.O.N.G) has sponsored and partnered with other organization to provide service for our communities just to name a few organizations: Mentor at Brookland Middle School, Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, United Cerebral Palsy, Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, Feeding the homeless with ANC 5 Commissioner Jacqueline Manning, and others, Working with Councilman Kenya McDuffie, Returning Citizens, DC Public Schools/Charter School  also with churches

and other charitable organizations. Brentwood Recreation Center hosted an annual Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway in 2014 that was supported by our director Paul Winestock

Our programs and services are designed to put young people on a pathway to hope which is a journey where anything is possible!

Our Vision 

Community Service Events

Our Mission

Learn more about our founder, Paul Winestock. 

Our vision is to actively transform a generation of youth. 

S.O.N.G aspires to:

  • Be a place where youth of the community can feel safe, feel a sense of belonging, and obtain a sense of ownership in their community. 
  • Provide mentoring, counseling, V-tech programs such as culinary arts, cosmetology license, child care certification, industrial housekeeping certification, personal training certification, plumbing and heating certification, carpentry, and electrician certification.
  • Provide a sex trafficking awareness and deterrence program.
  • Take a holistic approach to providing hope to a generation of youth in an environment that addresses emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects to achieve a self-sufficient life. 
  • Create prevention programs will provide education relative to topics such as sexual health, drugs, alcohol and smoking. 
  • Offer workshops on homelessness and the re-entry of citizens into the community. 

Our Values

S.O.N.G is a community based non-profit organization with an ambitious vision to transform a generation of youth and young adults into productive citizens. 

Our History

Community Service Events